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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Students respond to Trump’s presidency

Students give feedback on how Trump’s administration will affect them going forward

Following Donald Trump's election, students expressed a wide variety of views and concerns.

For many students, this was their first time participating in a presidential election. These students expressed a variety of different views on politics and the election, showing emotions ranging from enthusiasm or heartbreak toward Trump.

“I voted for Trump. I think Trump will make the economy stronger and we will become a better country overall,” said Seth Anderson, a freshman psychology major. “I think he will change people’s minds and opinions about him, and truly do well in office.”

Lisa DeWeese, a freshman equine major, also said that the economy was something she hopes to see improve with a political outsider taking office.

“For me, the Trump administration means a change in government. We have had politicians in office for so long, now we have someone who has limited experience in politics but lots of business experience,” said DeWeese. “I’m hoping for a boost in the economy and for our country to regain respect from other nations in regards to finance.”

Other topics that students brought up as important to their daily lives that they believe could change under Trump include: health care, women’s rights, foreign policy, LGBT rights, racial issues and arts funding. These topics were discussed by students from all sides of the political spectrum, however social issues seemed to be the most common critique of the Trump campaign.

“As a Mexican-American woman, I believe the new Trump administration will bring adversity to not only Latinos but people of all color and gender.” said Andrea De La Rosa, a freshman literature major. “Trump said during his campaign that Mexico was ‘bringing drugs. They’re rapists.’ Trump bluntly spouts xenophobic insults and ridicule that is not limited to American people. I believe his administration aims to build walls instead of breaking them."

While some feel strongly either for or against the Trump presidency, others state that they do not believe his policies will affect their lives heavily.

“I don’t think it will mean anything, I don’t think he’s gonna do what people think he’s gonna do. I feel like he’s gonna end up pissing people off because he’s gonna go back on his word,” said James Pearce, a freshman accounting major. “All they’re gonna try to do is get more money in their pocket at the end of the day.”

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