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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Otterbein community weighs a later 2018 spring break

Students are mixed on Otterbein’s current spring break as the Registrar plans to move break back by one week next year

Spring break will be moved one week back during the 2018 spring semester, according to the Registrar. The change makes scheduling for athletic events easier, but students are split on the benefits of the current spring break.

Spring break comes at a logical time in the academic calendar--halfway through the semester. It has been that way since the University transferred to a semester schedule in 2011, said David Schneider of the Otterbein Registrar. Starting Otterbein’s 2018 spring break, however, break will be pushed back one week due to comments from the Athletic Department about logistics.

“Beginning in the spring of 2018, and presumably continuing in the years following, spring break will move to week 9 of the semester,” said Schneider. “The switch to week 9 was based on a proposal by the Athletics Department to switch the timing, with the goal of improved logistics for student athletes and athletic competitions.”

Some students said they will appreciate the new change. “I’d like it if spring break was actually during spring,” said Michelle Ordillas, junior psychology major.

With spring break coming at the transition of seasons, it’s still cold in Ohio. The average temperature during Otterbein’s spring break in 2016 was 47 F.

For the spring of 2017, however, break still comes on week 8. Some students said that Otterbein’s early spring break is convenient for travelers but inconvenient for Ohioans.

Otterbein’s spring break can be inconvenient for family vacations, said Katelynn Stewart, freshman business administration and management major. “My sister has a much later spring break at Akron,” said Stewart.

University of Akron’s spring break is March 27 through April 2, four weeks after Otterbein’s.

Although Otterbein’s spring break comes early, it is a great time to travel said Aiden Barnovsky, junior athletic training major. “A pro is that when planning trips, they are much cheaper because it is very uncommon for vacations at the end of February,” said Barnovsky.

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