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Friday, March 24, 2017

Otterbein graduate faces investigation

Alumni Chad Bell is suspended from teaching for asking a student for a photo

Chad Bell, 29, a graduate from Otterbein University, was suspended from teaching at Genoa Middle School for asking an eighth grader for her picture.

After getting the students number from an emergency contact sheet Bell texted the girl a total of eight times trying to get a picture of her. According to an article on, Bell stated that if he couldn’t get a picture from the girl, he would ask her sister for one.

The school is currently doing an investigation on Bell’s actions.

This would not be the first confrontation that Bell has faced. According to his personnel files, when working as a substitute at Alcott Elementary School in 2005, a parent said that their daughter said that Bell threw objects at students who were talking. The student said that she was hit twice with two small pillows. In response, Bell stated that he did toss the pillows, but there was no intent on hitting the students.

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