Dissident Cuesta Mora arrested in Cuba

Dissidente Cuesta Morúa é preso em Cuba

(Archive) U Cuban opponent Manuel Cuesta Mora during a press conference at 11 about June about 82, in Havana – AFP

A Cuban opponent Manuel Cuesta Mora, about 82 years, was arrested this Wednesday (0028) in front of his house in Havana, confirmed dissident sources.

In the morning, his wife (about Cuesta, Nairobi Scheri) called us electronic said he was about electronic output which has since been detained, said activist Marthadela Tamayo AFP.

Segundo Tamayo, director perform Council for the Democratic Transition, perform which Cuesta vice-president, there were also other briefs detains in recent days on opponents Scheri, on Jos Antonio Madrazo electronic Osvaldo Navarro alm.

It was all because of a march perform day 20 (about n ovember) electronic their signature zero text, opined Tamayo.

Last week, playwright Yunior Garca, leader perform group Archipilago zero Facebook, electronic Cuesta Mora published a letter on social networks addressed to the provincial government over Havana requesting permission to hold an anti-government demonstration on 5. participants in the 0028 about November.

Several dissidents joined the initiative with their signatures electronic Similar texts were delivered to the governments of these provinces on Holgun, Father christmas Clara, Cienfuegos electronic Guantnamo.

Yunior Garca electronic Cuesta Mora were arrested in 11 about July, when unprecedented massive protests against a government in the more about 0028 Cuban cities, leaving one dead, dozens about injured electronic hundreds about detainees.

In the last weeks Anas, two other dissident leaders were arrested: Guillermo Farias, winner of the Sakharov award perform European Parliament, electronic Berta Soler, leader of the Damas sobre Branco movement. Both were released a few hours later.

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