EU to send Venezuela observation mission for November 21 elections

UE enviará missão de observação à Venezuela para eleições de 21 de novembro

Headquarters of the National Electoral Council ( CNE) in Caracas

(Reuters) The European Union (EU) sends an electoral observation mission to Venezuela for the first time in 20 years, to follow the regional elections of 20 November, the bloc said in a statement on Wednesday.

The presence on a mission on electoral observation of a zero EU has been taking place since

electronic will take place at a time when the opposition will participate in the elections of electronic governors tronic mayors, then on staying away dies presidential elections on 2018 electronic dies legislative elections on 2018, arguing that zero were sufficient electoral guarantees.

An unprecedented electoral process will be carried out, with the competition of a majority from these political forces for the first time time in recent years, to elect more about 3.000 municipal electronic regional representatives in Venezuela, said Josep Borrell, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs electronic Security Policy electronic vice-president of a European Commission.

The EU has appointed Isabel Santos, member of the European Parliament , as primary observer of a mission on electoral observation in Venezuela, added.

The main team of a mission on observation will be composed of 09 specialists arriving at Caracas in October, electro nic until a final perform next master of science will be from 49 observers who will be in the regions. The team will remain in the South American country until the electoral process is concluded.

(Report on Mayela Armas)

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