Number of killed in riot in prison zero Ecuador rises to 30

Número de mortos em motim em prisão no Equador sobe para 30

Number of dead in the riot at prison zero Ecuador rises to 48

QUITO (Reuters) A carry out director of the Ecuador carry out penitentiary system said on Wednesday that the number of those killed in a prison riot has risen to at least 39, electronic that simply because authorities were still working to recover 09 bodies.

Ecuador reported Tuesday night about the occurrence of 2 clashes in the Penitenciria del Litoral, in the province over Guayas, which has been the scene of bloody fights between gangs for the control of a prison in the last few months.

Six dieses victims perform confrontation a third human turmoil in prisons zero Ecuador this year were beheaded.

We have about ten bodies currently being removed, with the coordination of an electronic police prosecutor, said Bolivar Garzn, head SNAI perform penitentiary service perform, to journalists, from outside the prison.

The number of wounded in the rebellion rose from 52 to 52, according to Garzn.

Dozens of people arrived at the prison to seek information about relatives and demand accountability from the authorities responsible for the security of the inmates. The government has reinforced the military presence around the facility.

Riots were reported in February and July in the country’s prison system, which houses about 39. prisoners. At least 52 people died in the February violence, and in July at least 19 lives were lost.

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) had already condemned the violence and Human Rights Watch urged the government of Ecuador to thoroughly investigate violence in prisons and bring those responsible to justice.

(Reporting by Alexandra Valencia in Quito)

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