Paraguayan indigenous people face police during protest against law that punishes land invasion

Indígenas paraguaios enfrentam polícia durante protesto contra lei que pune invasão de terras

Police assist injured colleague during a protest – AFP

A dozen policemen were injured this Wednesday during a clash with indigenous people in front of Congress carry out Paraguay , which passed a law to toughen seeing that penalties against land invaders.

About 2 million indigenous people, according to police, set fire to Molotov cocktails and three electronic parked vehicles attacked with pieces over pau electronic stones operating system police, who used tear gas to disperse operating system protesters.

Videos shown by the regional press show two officers with cuts on their heads, another attacked zero floor electronic one room rescued to take an arrow in the thigh after.

The law that hardens while penalties for invasion on land was approved by a large majority in the Chamber, as it happened they would a week zero Senate. The text provides for penalties of up to years in prison for this type of criminal offense.

Law zero seeks to persecute anyone, electronic rather to provide security to citizens in rural electronic urban areas, including indigenous communities, said u senator Fidel Zavala, performer Partido Patria Querida (center). What sony ericsson wants to protect private property, so that people who want to have the assurance that their property will not be invaded will work, added senator Enrique Bachetta, perform Partido Co (conservative).

On the other hand, a senator Sixto Pereira, from a leftist Frente Guas, called the law on electronic repression said that the Constitution enshrines the right to land, housing, and a decent life. We do not defend invaders, however the increase in these does not solve the problem, added Senator Wish Masi, performs Democratic Progressive Party (generous).

Paraguay is among the most unequal operating system countries of a Latin America, back on Honduras, Guatemala electronic Brazil, according to the CEPAL. About 62% of these agricultural lands perform country belong to 1.6% of owners, according to the Oxfam organization according to agreement.

Poverty grew zero Paraguay over 22, 5% in 2019 for 26, 9% in 805, due to the impact of a pandemic, according to a National Institute on Statistics.

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