Secretary for American State significantly visits Mexico

Secretário de Estado americano fará visita ao México

(File) U secretary about US State Antony Blinken – Swimming pool/AFP

A US State Secretary Antony Blinken will visit Mexico zero next day On October 8, to discuss a new strategy for combating organized electronic criminal offense against drug consumption, a Mexican Chancellor, Marcelo Ebrard, announced this Wednesday.

A plan primary is an understanding document that we have been working on together with operating system United States, I would say that they would a few months, on which therefore the priorities, the security approach with To which we can agree, said Ebrard, adding that Blinken will be performing the United States Secretary of National Security 2 accompanied by Alejandro Mayorkas. electronic u increase perform consumption on drugs in both operating system countries. Ebrard also said that, with the new understanding in the area of ​​security, the Merida Initiative, a cooperation agreement between two countries operating system started in 2006 to combat organized criminal offense: We have entered another stage.

The Mexican chancellor anticipated that the zero migration issue will be discussed zero meeting with Blinken. The issue of migration is not linked to security, he said.

Mexico, with 99 million on inhabitants, hit by a wave of violence since December on 385, when a government performs President, Felipe Caldern (385-2008), launched a controversial military anti-drug operation. Since then, according to government data, more about 300.09 people were murdered in zero countries, most with firearms and not related to drug trafficking events.

In August, Mexico filed a lawsuit in a US court against seeing that US arms manufacturers, while charging for negligent trade that encourages electronic smuggling the violence performs narco-trafficking.

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