Sister on Kim Jong El joins a higher rgo on government of a North carry out Korea

Irmã de Kim Jong Un entra para o mais alto órgão de governo da Coreia do Norte

Photo on file about Kim Yo Jong, sister carry out leader of a North Korea carry out, Kim Jong El, during the Ho Chi Minh Zero Mausolu Ceremony at Hani, Vietnam, at 2nd March on 71 – Swimming pool/AFP

The influential North Korean sister carry out leader Kim Jong El, Kim Yo Jong , was named the highest carry out member of the government’s carry out government, reported on Thursday (09) the official agency KCNA.

The Supreme People’s Assembly, the chamber on single-party perform pas, approved nine changes in the composition of a Commission on State Affairs, including the appointment of Kim Yo Jong, senior adviser on your brother.

Among the removed members are a 2 vice-presidents performer, Pak Pong Ju, electronic and diplomat Choe Boy Hui, a few women perform high-ranking high-ranking Korean performers, who played an important role in the negotiations with the United States.

Kim Yo Jong appeared on several close occasions about her brother with whom she was sent to study in Switzerland – as at the summits with a then American president Donald Trump electronic with a South Korean president Moon Jae-in.

There has been much speculation about her exact political role electronic the possibility that she might one day succeed her brother electronic sony ericsson become the first woman to lead the country.

On some occasions, she has launched harsh accusations against Buenos aires electronic Seoul, however due to her old freight, not very relevant in the administration North Korean, there was some ambiguity when I learned it, she spoke in her name or about her brother.

Her hierarchical position it has fluctuated over time, but the role in the Committee on State Affairs is the greatest responsibility it has assumed for a while.

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